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Hot Tub Service

Why have us come to service your spa? 

A yearly spa maintenance service to all spas will help keep your spa or hot tub in tip top condition all year round. You’ve no doubt seen underneath your spa; it contains electrical and mechanical parts, hoses and connections, all working at high temperatures under pressure. ‘Spa Service and Repairs Phoenix’ suggest you have your spa serviced at least once a year; especially if it is running constantly every day to help prevent major spa repairs.

What we do during our Spa Service visit:

When Spa Service and Repairs Phoenix comes out to service your spa, we first completely empty out the water, then acid wash the shell, remove the filter cartridge and acid wash it, or if you have a sand filter, we remove and replace the dirty sand. If you have a timber casing around the spa we apply linseed oil to rejuvenate the timber. While the covers are off we can check the shell for stress fractures and hosing connections to the jets for potential leaks.


Then we fill the hot tub back up!

Once the water is back in your spa we check the PH and make sure the chemical levels are correct, so you can enjoy a healthy spa experience. Your spa cover also gets washed and treated with the right products to keep it supple and looking like new.

a well serviced spa
nice looking outdoor spa
this is a water test kit

Spa Maintenance Kit

​​Many people like to maintain and look after their spa themselves, so we offer a spa maintenance kit that contains all the products we use, to enable you to keep your spa in great shape.

a nice looking spa at night time with the lights on

New Spa Installation

​Spa Service and Repairs Phoenix can install and set up your new spa, making sure everything is done right so you can jump right in and start enjoying your new spa experience. If you have an existing spa, we can take that away; free of charge, and depending on it’s condition we may even pay you for it.

a spa that is for sale

Sales of second hand Spas

Old spas collected are evaluated, and if possible given a complete overhaul and rebuild with new parts as required, then offer them for sale. Often we have second hand spas for sale around the $1500 to $2,500 price range, but these don’t last long, so check the website for any second hand spas for sale.

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