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About Spa Service and Repairs - Phoenix

Kenneth, owner of "Spa Service and Repairs Phoenix" has been in the spa/hot tub service and repair business for over 25 years, fixing leaks, repairing cracked spas, spa pump repairs and replacement, plus maintaining spas in Phoenix. 


Prompt Hot Tub Repair

Spa Service and Repairs Phoenix is a service business, so we pride ourselves on providing fast, professional on-time service. If we can’t make it on time, we will definitely let you know.

Spa Repairs

We look after repairs to all spas, from indoor baths to outdoor; above ground or in-ground spas and can even handle repairs to saunas and steam rooms. 

Spa Services

Spa Service and Repairs Phoenix offers a full range of spa services including our popular yearly maintenance, keeping your spa in tip top condition all year round.

Do you wish to upgrade your spa by adding some more jets, or perhaps an ozonator/salt chlorinator to reduce the use of chemicals or adding spa lights to create ambiance; Spa Service and Repairs Phoenix can overhaul your spa with the latest modern equipment adding value and more enjoyment to your hot tub experience.

We would love to hear from you, so either call us or leave a message and Kenneth will be in touch as soon as possible.


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