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Spa and Hot Tub Repairs

Fast and Reliable Spa Repair

Kenneth, from Spa Service and Repairs Phoenix, provides prompt and professional repairs to indoor spas, outdoor spas, hot tubs, saunas and steam rooms in Phoenix, as well as anywhere else in Maricopa County. With more than 25 years experience performing repairs to spas. Whether it be fixing leaks, pumps or general spa maintenance. We are hands down, the best hot tub repair service in town. 

Well Experienced in Hot Tub Repair 

It is with this experience, coupled with our rapid diagnostics, that give our company the ability to quickly solve any problems you may have with your spa or hot tub, including repairs to fix leaking jets, pumps, lights and filter leaks with minimum fuss.


We have access to Hot Tub Parts

All parts and repairs come with a guarantee of performance; and don’t worry if your spa is 20 years old, we can have it running like a new one in no time, and there hasn’t been a problem with a spa we were unable to fix. We have access to parts of all kinds, contact us for an estimate to let us help you with your spa or hot tub issue!

Call us to schedule your spa repair today!



tools that we use for fixing hot tubs in phoenix
and underwater picture of a spa jet
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